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B&C Fellow - Ellen Pero

University of Montana - Ph.D. - Projected to Graduate 2021
 Integrated ecology of a reintroduction: Missouri elk restoration/ ecology and management of the restored elk population in Missouri

Growing up, Ellen spent summers on the lake and in the woods of Michigan, developing an eagerness to spend her life working with and for the natural world. She received her bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Wildlife from Michigan State University and her Master’s degree from University of Manitoba, where she studied the behavioral ecology of a threatened ground squirrel. At University of Montana, Ellen is focusing on how elk population dynamics, physiological stress, movement and resource selection, and reproductive behavior interact and progress following reintroduction to a new landscape. Ellen aims to obtain a research biologist position with a state or federal agency where her work can inform wildlife management, conservation, and policy.

A central component of Montana’s Boone and Crockett program has been a focus on integrating wildlife conservation and land management.
One Size Does Not Fit All in Population Restoration: Genetic Considerations from the Missouri Elk Restoration

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