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American Ocelot Conservation



The Boone and Crockett Club has remained vigilant and persistent in advocating for improvements to the Endangered Species Act. As the prospects for change in Congress remain slim, we have focused on specific policy cases as examples of the need for change. Wolf and grizzly bear delisting are prime examples. The burdensome legal ruling against the Forest Service in the Cottonwood case is another. More recently we have partnered with the East Foundation and Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute—home to many professional members of the Club—on ocelot conservation.
A short film on the ocelot work we have supported in South Texas is available for free viewing through the end of December 2020. Directed by Ben Masters of Fin and Fur Films, it is as beautiful and informative as Ben’s other work. 
It describes how CKWRI and the East Foundation are trying to change the strategy for ocelot recovery from shot-in-the-dark Federal land acquisitions to active efforts to translocate cats into empty habitats in South Texas.
The film can be seen by clicking here and making a free Eventive account with your email, first name, and a password of your choice.


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