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Fair Chase - The Official Publication of the Boone and Crockett Club


Published quarterly, Fair Chase magazine is how we communicate with our members and associates about our ongoing efforts that benefit conservation and hunting. It also contains some seriously entertaining hunting stories.

Each issue is packed with timely and insightful articles on conservation, hunting advocacy, conservation policy, and wildlife research. Editorial features and columns are written by the most knowledgeable and influential conservationists and big game hunters from across North America. Our contributors are scientists, biologists, game managers, and policymakers—nearly all of whom hunt big game passionately. Fair Chase is widely considered the tip of the spear when it comes to communicating the science and biology of big game management.

Fair Chase magazine is not available on newsstands. The only way to get your copy of Fair Chase is to become a member today. For just $35, you can become a member of the oldest conservation organization in North America.

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Recently Accepted Trophies and Photo Gallery
Dedicated to trophies accepted in the Club’s Records Program for the previous three months, this section is a great reference guide for hunters to find out who’s taken what—and where. The listing includes the final score, location of kill, hunter, year taken, and the official measurer who scored the trophy. A selection of recently accepted outstanding field photos are also included. 

DIY Series
Have you ever wanted to strike out on a hunting adventure all on your own? Look no further than our do-it-yourself (DIY) series designed to help inspire and instruct you on how to get it done. Check out what you’ve been missing HERE.

Impact Series
Did you realize members of the Boone and Crockett Club were responsible for saving pronghorn and bison populations from extinction? They saved those species and a whole lot more, which is the focus of the Club’s Impact Series.

Among our feature stories, you’ll find articles by well-known outdoor journalists such as Craig Boddington, Wayne van Zwoll, Andrew McKean, and more. Travel North America with our writers to the deserts of Sonora to the tundra of the Arctic—and everywhere in between.

Sample Issue

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We get so many awesome field photos that we're not able to publish them all in Fair Chase magazine. In 2017, we created the Fair Chase Yearbook. This bonus issue contains 72 pages of field photos accepted in the last year. For all B&C members, the Yearbook is delivered free to your mailbox with the summer issue. Past issues of the Fair Chase Yearbook are available for sale. 



We are always on the hunt for new writers willing to share their stories. The Fair Chase Editorial Board is looking for articles that weave together facts, experiences, and observations in an entertaining and informative way. The best way to understand what we’re looking for is to read a couple of articles, which you can do for free HERE, or flip through the sample issue above. 

While the Boone and Crockett Club is known for records, we’re looking for hunting stories featuring animals that may or may not make the book. The story matters; size does not. Plenty of great hunting stories don't with a tag being punched at all.

Any big game species is fair game. Feature-length stories and DIY installments typically run between 1,500-2,000 words. If accepted for publication, we pay a base rate of .30/word.

For more information on submitting or to pitch an idea, contact Karlie Slayer, Editor-in-Cheif.

Editorial Deadlines: 
Winter 2023: September 15, 2023
Spring 2024: December 15, 2023
Summer 2024: March 15, 2024
Fall 2024: June 14, 2024


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