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A False Product - Hunt Fair Chase



The opinions as to the true origins of the term “the real McCoy” vary throughout history, but it is commonly held to mean “the real thing” or “the genuine article.”

Our society embraces the real thing over a lesser or fake imitation. “Real” therefore carries the most value. Imitations do have their place in commerce. Take a cubic zirconia for example. People who cannot afford or do not want a real diamond do have an option. But commerce in nature is a different story.

The hunting community today is faced with a false product challenge. Whitetail deer and elk can be artificially grown to dimensions beyond what nature is capable of. This is not for science or research, or even for the betterment of the species. It’s for ego, status and commerce. This raises many interesting and troubling questions.

Does this intense manipulation add value or does it devalue the real thing? Just because we can, should we? What does this say about the direction the hunting community is taking itself—or being led? Is this defining the value we place on nature, these species and the opportunity to hunt? Will the non-hunting public understand and accept or reject wildlife being subject to this type of handling for ego, status and commerce? They’re all good questions and ones we best be prepared to answer.

Keep in mind that any activity in our society that comes to be viewed in a harsh and unfavorable light faces a bleak future. We have another saying: “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.”

And perception is reality.


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-Theodore Roosevelt