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Vintage Hunting Gallery - Volume 9

The Rifles They Carried 

From family heirlooms to sporterized military surplus rifles, the guns that hunters carry always tell a story. You can see that in the following vintage photos, these men and women pose not just with their winter’s meat, but also with the tool that helped bring home the bacon. Enjoy this trip down memory lane. 

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1 of 10 — Colorado, Early 1900s 



2 of 10 — Wyoming 1930


3 of 10 — Colorado 1893


4 of 10 — Ontario 1955  


5 of 10 — Montana 1927 


6 of 10 — Colorado 1911


7 of 10 — British Columbia 1935 


8 of 10 — Wyoming 1961  


9 of 10 — Colorado 1951 

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A Mule Deer Retrospective

Vintage Photos and Memorabilia from the Boone and Crockett Club Archives

Sportsmen with an eye for the good ol’ days of big game hunting will delight in B&C’s visually stunning book focusing on the iconic mule deer of the West with hundreds of vintage photographs and score charts.


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An American Elk Retrospective

Vintage Photos and Memorabilia from the Boone and Crockett Club Archives

A fascinating, comprehensive look at the story of elk hunting in America from the nation’s premiere big game hunting historians.


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Vintage Hunting Album

A Photographic Collection of Days Gone By

We’ve all heard it before…a picture is worth a thousand words. This couldn’t be truer with the release of Boone and Crockett Club’s book on the history of hunting featuring page after page of remarkable photographs of our hunting heritage dating back to the late 1800s.


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Hunting the American West

The Pursuit of Big Game for Life, Profit, and Sport, 1800-1900

By Richard C. Rattenbury

Experience the grandeur, excitement, and peril of the quest for big game in the West from 1800-1900 in this vivid interpretation with engaging narrative, direct quotations, and historic imagery.


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