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Old hunting photos are a special window into a bygone era. Hours of research goes into organizing and curating these collections—pay close attention to the rifles, the scopes (or lack thereof), the haircuts and the lack of camouflage. The images in this gallery are primarily from B&C’s vast archive of historic record book entries.


Mule deer are just cool. With their big ears, big country they call home, and their unique stotting, there’s a lot to love about mule deer. And we’ve been appreciating mule deer for a long time as you can see from this gallery. Enjoy this trip down memory lane, and if you like vintage hunting photos, check out a special offer at the bottom.
With an estimated 34 million whitetail deer running around the U.S. today, it’s hard to imagine that their numbers were down to around 500,000 in the early 1900s. With proper management, numbers rebounded, and hunting seasons followed. Many hunters were happy to snap a few field photos along the...
For the Love of Rams - Our friends at the Wild Sheep Foundation wrapped up their “Sheep Show” in January and raised a pile of money for sheep conservation across North America. To recognize a job well done, we found it only fitting to help them celebrate with a little throwback to the old days of sheep hunting. The following photos were hand-picked from Great Rams III and Great Rams IV , published by the Boone and Crockett Club.
Ladies in the Field—When the Boone and Crockett Club was first created, those two dozen men agreed that the first purpose of the Club would be “to promote manly sport with a rifle.” Today, that dog doesn’t hunt as more women take to the field and forest (with or without their husbands). Today, entries into the Boone and Crockett Records by female hunters are commonplace—and they have been for a while. We sifted through the records and Boone and Crockett publications to bring you some of the highlights from more than a century of ladies getting it done out there.
Stylish Stalkers — There was a time when hunters would don a tie and tuck in their shirt to chase big game—and they would look darn good doing it. For that reason, we sifted through the archives to find some of the best-dressed hunters from the good old days. If you like this slideshow, more of these timeless photos can be found in our Vintage Hunting Album , which makes a great gift or book to keep up at the cabin.
Smile, You're Hunting — Too many hunting photos show a hunter, for whatever reason, looking downright mad about filling a tag. Why not smile after a successful hunt? You don’t want your great-grandkids thinking you were a complete jerk. As a friendly reminder to have a good time out there this hunting season, we compiled these vintage photos of hunters who look truly happy. We hope you’re glad to be out there, too. Say cheese.
Unless you eat your quarry where it drops, you need to get it out of the woods and into the freezer. Thanks to a wealth of vintage hunting photos in the Boone and Crockett records database and our books— Mule Deer Retrospective , An American Elk Retrospective , and Vintage Hunting Album —we bring you a slideshow dedicated to vintage rides and record-book racks.
From Toddlers to Tines—The only thing better than sharing the spoils of the hunt with your kids is having them hunt themselves. Passing down the fun of the hunt is a time-honored tradition for many families—and as you can see from this slideshow, it’s been going on for quite a while.
If there ever was a country that could kill you with kindness, it’s Canada. And the hunting? Let’s just say it’s pretty incredible—and it has been for a long time. We dug through our Vintage Hunting Album to bring you some of our favorite vintage photos featuring some of Canada’s finest trophies from a bygone era. So, crack a Molson and enjoy the photo gallery, eh?
Classic Elk Images Nothing goes better with fall colors than the quaking of aspen leaves and the scream of rut-crazed bull elk in the mountains. We dug through the archives to find classic photos of elk hunts from yesteryear. You’ll notice classic rifles, plenty of plaid, and big smiles on the faces of successful hunters. May the elk gods be just as generous to you this fall.
The Rifles They Carried — From family heirlooms to sporterized military surplus rifles, the guns that hunters carry always tell a story. You can see that in the following vintage photos, these men and women pose not just with their winter’s meat, but also with the tool that helped bring home the bacon. Enjoy this trip down memory lane.
A Time Before Camo Old hunting photos are a special window into a bygone era. In the following photos, pay close attention to the rifles, the scopes (or not), the haircuts and the lack of camouflage. Just look at all that plaid! In reality, plaid is camo —and it looks good, too, which is why we’ve...

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