To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society. -Theodore Roosevelt

Outdoor Adventure Camp Activities

Here's a look at the many activities available during our Outdoor Adventure Camps. 



Dreamt of going fly fishing? Well, now's the time to learn! It's a real Montana experience & at camp you can learn to be a conservation-minded angler! We also teach campers fish identification, how to tie their own flies and how to properly catch and release fish.



The best way to learn about conservation is to get out of the classroom and immerse yourself in the outdoors! We do lots of hiking during camp and will find yourself wandering through forests, over mountain tops and down winding creek beds. This just the beginning of the ecosystems you will see during your stay at our conservation center!


Wildlife Identification

We regularly practice wildlife identification at our outdoor adventure camps and find it’s one of the best ways to learn about nature. Our education center is conveniently within hiking distance of all of the ecosystems found within Montana… meaning we have endless terrain to explore and learn about! We will learn to identify animals, plants, and tracks… both in nature and in our lab! We have ENDLESS amounts of hands-on activities for our campers as they learn about the wild world around them!


Shooting Sports

Campers have the opportunity to participate in a firearm safety course as well as a variety of shooting sports such as archery, shotgun, .22 rifle and pistol shooting. We’ll spend an entire day flinging arrows at 3D archery targets, shooting clay pigeons and practicing our accuracy with a variety of steel and paper targets found at our shooting sports complex.


Arts and Crafts

Once we arrive back at base camp for the evening, not only can campers explore our nature lab, indoor/outdoor games, and hundreds of books all found around our education center… They can also participate in arts and crafts activities, such as traditional native beading, pressed flower art, recycled papermaking, and making paracord bracelets just to name a few!




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"The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak. So we must and we will."

-Theodore Roosevelt